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      Zhongnan Machinery ZNKZJ-1T1-00 Fully Automatic Mask Machine product has reached the domestic advanced level!
      Publisher: Unique  Page view:5221  2020-04-08

      Meeting place

           On April 8, 2020, the Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society organized and presided over the "ZNKZJ-1T1-00 Automatic Mask Machine" new product appraisal meeting completed by Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. in Nanhai District, Foshan City.

      Liu Yihua, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Shao Ming, Chairman of Supervisor

           Professor Liu Yihua, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, attended the meeting and made a summary of the meeting. Professor Shao Ming, the chairman of the board of supervisors, presided over the meeting.

      Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in June 1993. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of precision mechanical parts and mechanical equipment. The existing engineering and technical personnel account for more than 30% of the company's total employees. Since 2002, the company has passed TUV’s ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 certification, and obtained the product certification of 8 domestic and foreign classification societies such as Lloyd’s. “To make precise mechanical parts and make the most practical "Numerical Control Equipment" is the mission to provide customers with high-quality, high-tech precision mechanical parts and CNC equipment products and quality services.

           In 2012, the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province. It has been rated as "Foshan's Most Growing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" and the key supporting enterprise of the "Eagle Plan" in Nanhai District for many times; in 2014, it was awarded "National Skilled Talent Cultivation Outstanding Contribution Unit" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security; in 2015, it was rated as " In the same year, it won the “2015 Lingnan Good Enterprise. Innovative Growth Award”; in 2016, it won the “Product Innovation Award” of the Equipment China Innovation Pioneer List and the Fifth Brand Foshan “Foshan Smart Model” Title; In 2016, it was awarded the "Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base" by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and in the same year as the "Postgraduate Innovation Training Demonstration Site" by the Provincial Department of Education; in 2017, it was rated as "Guangdong Province Private Enterprise (SME) Innovation Industrialization Demonstration Base"; In 2018, he was awarded the title of "Invisible Champion" in the South China Sea Manufacturing Industry, the title of Foshan's leading enterprise in sub-industry, and Foshan's "specialized and special new" enterprise.

           In 2018, Zhongnan Machinery cooperated with China Oilfield Services. The products produced are the key mechanical parts of oil drilling equipment, mainly including rotary steering drilling and logging while drilling equipment (D+W), open hole wireline logging equipment (ELTS), casing logging equipment and other key mechanical parts. In 2020, Zhongnan Machinery and CNOOC will further cooperate to establish a joint venture company in Foshan to manufacture key components for precision oil drilling on a large scale.

           At present, Zhongnan Machinery has developed into a large-scale professional machinery design and precision machinery manufacturing enterprise, and has established multiple product processing bases such as precision machining, CNC machine tool manufacturing, metal 3D printing, and metal surface treatment. Products involved in shipbuilding, oil drilling machinery, electric power, machine tools, medical equipment, elevators and other industries, including: large and medium-sized marine diesel engine key parts, petroleum exploration machinery, medium and high voltage electrical switch parts, medical equipment mechanical parts, elevators Mechanical parts, precision battery molds, CNC machining centers, metal 3D printing, etc.

      The project undertaker reports on the development of the ZNKZJ-1T1-00 automatic mask machine

           This new product includes the research and development of the automatic feeding and cutting mechanism of the nose bridge, PLC control continuous feeding mechanism, ultrasonic welding mechanism, automatic ear strap feeding and scissors mechanism to realize the precise synchronization and accurate welding of the multi-process beats of the flat mask . The product has realized automatic detection and automatic operation, friendly man-machine interface, convenient and quick to use.

      Experts inspect the product production site

           The new product has been tested by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Machinery Inspection Station. The inspected items meet the requirements of relevant standards. The products have been put on the domestic and foreign markets in batches. The users have received good feedback and achieved significant economic and social benefits. benefit.

      Experts inspect the product production site

           Professor Liu Yihua, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, said at the meeting that at the critical period of this year’s battle against the epidemic, Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. actively joined the automatic Among the ranks of mask machine R&D and manufacturing; Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. is also one of the twelve fully automatic mask machine manufacturers organized by our association to participate in the formulation of the group standard for automatic mask machine (T/GDMES 0012—2020) . (T/GDMES 0012—2020) The group standard has received great attention from relevant national, provincial and municipal departments and industry enterprises; he emphasized that Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Foshan’s epidemic prevention and control equipment. The machine (T/GDMES 0012—2020) group standard was used as the test basis and passed the new product appraisal, which has made due contributions to promoting and ensuring the quality of medical protective manufacturing equipment and products of this category.


      Experts inspect the product production site

           The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the project unit has complete production equipment and testing equipment, complete process documents, and meets production requirements. The product has reached the domestic advanced level and agreed to pass the new product identification.

      Group photo of participating leaders, experts and project team members

      (Comprehensive report by the Secretariat of the Provincial Society)

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